After the 2000 to 2003 equity downturn, it was clear that investors wanted a portfolio that could weather the inevitable storm just as well as thriving in the good times.  However, when Industria’s founder, James Dick, joined QIC in 2004, the fund manager’s client base only had listed equities, fixed interest and real estate as available asset classes.

The years after this saw many diversified fund managers work hard to build portfolios that were genuinely more diversified to simultaneously benefit from growth and offer additional stability during market dislocation.

Infrastructure was one of the strategies that institutional investors used to access both growth and protection in a downturn.  Strong infrastructure returns during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008 demonstrated the benefit of this strategy.

The challenges today, however, are quite different.  Although investors better understand how to balance growth and diversification, the difficulty of sourcing sufficient investment grade infrastructure assets has come to the fore.

What sets Industria apart is our focus on ensuring that the financials meet investor expectations while simultaneously operating in concert with the environment, workers and government.  We are driven to develop infrastructure that fits both within an ESG mindset, as well as meeting traditional institutional hurdles.

Industria is delighted to be bringing a small selection of greenfield projects to market.  These are currently in the clean energy and transport sectors.