Capital Markets Associate

About the job

Industria Capital helps raise equity capital for growing companies.  To do this we need to understand the industry in which our clients operate.  We need someone who can distil the key drivers of an industry and prepare a research document to back up that view.

Although we don’t need you to be an IT professional, as many of our clients use technology as a competitive advantage, we are looking for people who are comfortable in that environment.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Relevant bachelors degree or higher
  • 2+ years corporate advisory or similar
  • An understanding of economics
  • An interest in Tech (eg coding)
  • Intellectual curiosity and a willingness to learn new concepts/industries

Questions we need to ask you

  1. Do you consider yourself a generalist or a specialist?
  2. In which fields do you feel you have some competency?
  3. Do you prefer to analyse from first principles or from historical examples/anecdotes?
  4. We would like you to answer the following research question (400 word max)

“What barriers to entry are there in the advertising industry?  What are the key success factors that a new entrant to this industry need would need to achieve?”


If you’d like to apply, please send your answers and CV to or click below:

We are accepting applications up to the 10th February.  Please take your time.  We are not judging you based on how fast you can respond.